CIT843 TMA NOUN Past Questions & Answers 2019

1. The minimum set of keys that could be used as the primary key is called ____
Answer: cand

2. the cartesian product of two relations R1 and R2 is denoted by:
Answer: R1 X R2

3. A/An_____ operation combines the product, selection, and projection operations
Answer: join

4. One of these is a data definition language command
Answer: drop

5. A system-supplied value for a column that will serve as a table\'s primary key is known as ___
Answer: Surrogate key

6. In the E-R diagram, attributes are _______
answer:Listed inside the entity rectangle

7. A primary key comprising more than one attribute is known as _____
Answer: composite key

8. _____ relational algebra operation retrieves a subset of columns from a relational subset removing duplicate tuples from the result
Answer: projection

9. __ provide a method for maintaining referential integrity in data and for navigating between different instances of an entity
Answer: foreign keys

10. The ____ process guarantees serialization of concurrent transactions
Answer: locking