CLL203 TMA NOUN Past Questions & Answers 2019

1. Question
The Federal Territory of Lagos made its cooperative law in what year?

2. Question
_________ are those legal enactments that were not made by lawmakers themselves but by delegated authority
Subsidiary legislation

4. Question
________ Are legal enactments made by the lawmakers of the country toward cooperative administration
Principal legislation

5. Question
__________ are the principal and subsidiary legislations drawn from the cooperative principles in the law or available to the relevant government department in cooperative administration.
Cooperative Legislation

6. Question
Nigeria operates with the Cooperative Ordinance Act, Number 6 of 1935 to date
No, the right Law is Section 35 of the 1999 constitution

7. Question
Law is a body of rules, either from formal enactment or from customs, which a particular state or community recognizes as binding on its subjects or members.

8. Question
__________ is an association of persons who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a common end through the formation of a democratically controlled organization, making equitable contributions to the capital required and accepting a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking in which the members actively participate
Cooperative society

9. Question
Functions of a State director include
All of the above

10. Question
____________legislation may be one which does not trace its validity to any foreign legislature; rather, it is home-grown and rooted in the country itself


11. Question
The theory that conceives of a legal system as a product of consensus idea of society, functioning as an integrated structure, and whose members agree on the norms, rules, and values, which they have mutually and voluntarily agreed should be uniformly respected is called?
Consensus theory

12. Question
Sources of law could be
All of the above

13. Question
One or all of the following is a duty of Co-operative Societies
each financial year, the committee of a co-operative society shall cause to be prepared estimates of the society?s income and expenditure including recurrent and capital estimates for approval by the general meeting at least three months before the end of the preceding financial year

14. Question
One or all of the above qualifies a person to be a member of a cooperative society
All of the above

15. Question
One of the privileges of a registered society is that it has the ability to sue and"cannot" be sued and to do all things necessary for the purpose of, or in accordance with, it's by–laws.
False, it can sue and be sued

16. Question
__________must contain details of charges affecting the company property or undertaking and should provide brief descriptions of property charged, the amount of the charge, and the name of the person entitled to the charge
The register of charges

17. Question
One of the following is not a statutory register
The register of by-law and decrees

18. Question
In February 1974, the ______________ was promulgated for the establishment of a cooperative development division the decree also empowered the appointment of a federal registrar of cooperative societies and his supporting staff.
the cooperative development decree No5

19. Question
The authority of making fundamental decisions in respect to location and exercise of the general functions of direction, supervision and control of administration rests with_________
The Legislature

20. Question
Rules of procedure may be one of two types. Either those which affect the interests or rights outside of service; or those which have to do with purely administrative operations within the service. Is this a True or false statement?
No, the right Law is Section 35 of the 1999 constitution