ECO329 NOUN TMA Past Questions & Answers


1. Question: Calculate the net present value of a project which cost 500 000which generate cash flow of 150, 000, 300000 and 400000 over 3 years at 10%
Answer: 184550

2 . Question: Current Liabilities are those ____ that are payable in a short period usually within a year. One of the major current liabilities is the bank overdraft
Answer: debts

3. Question: Investments represent the firms investments in ____, debentures, and bonds of either firms or the government
Answer: shares

4. Question: The current assets of a firm or business are those assets that are held in the form of ___ or expected to be converted into cash in a period or within the accounting period of the firm
Answer: cash

5. Question: A project requires a cash outlay of 300,000 and yield an annual cash inflow of 50000 for a period of 10years calculate the payback
Answer: 6 years

6. Question: _____ is the number of years required to recover the original cash outlay invested in a project
Answer: payback period

7. Question: A projected ____ statement is a statement that shows the forecasts of actual receipts of cash (inflows) and the disbursement of cash (outflows) of a firm or project
Answer: cash flow

8. Question: _________ provides the tool for subjecting a project cash flows to adverse market situation
Answer: sensitive analysis

9. Question: The supply analysis attempts to identify the components of the _______ of given goods and services as well as the supplies and their locations
Answer: supply

10. QuestionAccounting ratios are among the easier analysis tools to compute and use in ___ assessment
Answer: business


11. Question: A man bought a car for N10million and sold it for N7.5 million, what is the percentage loss
Answer: 55% loss

12. Question: cash sales is the difference between ____
Answer: total sales revenue and credit sales

13. Question: Gross profit is the difference between ______
Answer: sales and cost of good

15. Question: Business analysis____ are different methods stakeholders use to assess a company�??s operations
Answer: tools

16. Question Companies need information about the market and surrounding business environment in order to maintain ____
Answer: success

17. QuestionDoing a marketing analysis will help you to come up with newer ways to reduce _____
Answer: cost

18. Question: The industry cost structure is a significant factor while running a _______
Answer: business

19. Question: The key success factors are those elements that help the business to achieve great success in the _____
Answer: market

20. Question: Market trends are a significant part of the _______ analysis
Answer: marketing