How to start a money making blog in Nigeria


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Blogging is still lucrative and its never too late to start a money making blog in Nigeria especially with the incident of naira devaluation , you can earn in foreign currency .
This will boost your purchasing power and standard of living .
In this post I will share A-Z what a novice or anyone who wish to setup a blog can do to craft out an amazing blog with good contents plus making good money put of it in Nigeria

How to Start a lucrative blog in Nigeria​

The first thing I always notice about new bloggers is their lack of focus and trying to achieve everything in little space of time, yes I know the country is hard but don't make it more harder by overstretching yourself,
Most of the blogs you see today are product of consistent effort over a long period of time. So in order to ensure you succeed in owing a successful blog please follow these steps

Steps to follow in setting up your blog​

  1. Choose a topic or area of interest .(Niche)
  2. Pick a good blog name & Domain
  3. Choose a Good hosting Company
  4. Select a simple and SEO friendly theme
  5. Install some necessary plugins
  6. Make your first post and plan your contents
  7. Monetize it and promote your blog.

I am going to share in details, with explanation on these listed points